Here's the deal!


Our Mission:

As the graduating class of 2004, we knew Tyler before his commendable military career. He was one of us: a star athlete, social, and friends with just about everyone. During college and his career in the Air Force, we were fortunate enough to get to spend time with him as a “civilian”. Whether it be visiting Texas A & M, helping out at a friend’s house, or group outings, our friend was always there for us. Anyone that knew Tyler growing up can share a fun, memorable, or unique story about something they did together. As his friends, we would like to share that side of him, the side that we grew up with as a genuine buddy, confidant, and teammate.

Our goal with our gift to Voss Middle School is to show the students that on top of being a Captain in the Air Force, Tyler was a humble, fun-loving, hard-working, kind and honest young man before he passed away.

By sharing some of his character traits with the students of Voss Middle School, our hope is that they will strive to be like the namesake of their school. Tyler meant many things to many people, but above all he was an amazing friend and shared his many attributes with us that we believe are worth living up to. We believe it would honor Tyler’s legacy to promote his character traits in the school, and to share photos of him as we knew him growing up.

The school mascot has been voted on, and Eagles was chosen. The principal and a committee also created the credo- SOAR- Service, Ownership, Achievement, Resilience. We believe that Tyler encompassed all of these traits, and we would like to pair each of the four words with a short story about Tyler and each one of those character traits. This credo, along with our stories and photos of Tyler, will be displayed proudly in the school on the memorial and serve as motivation for the students of Voss MS.

We have designed an industrial themed silhouette of Tyler, that will be filled with photos of him as we remember him, and paired with the school credo and personal stories. This will be displayed in a double-sided case that is visible from both the cafeteria and a main hallway. We have also been tasked with filling that entire side of the case with Boerne memorabilia that relates to our friend Tyler. The adjacent case will be filled with military focused memorabilia.

What do we need from you, our classmates? We estimate that the fixture we are manufacturing will cost approximately $3500. We need your help in not only funds for paying for this memorial, but also the display content as well.

Please help us gather the following:

· Funds -to help pay the manufacturing bills for this piece.

o We have a paypal account strictly for funds raised for this display

o All donations can be sent via paypal to:

· Photos - We also need any photos that you have of Tyler from our high school and college days. We will use these in the main memorial fixture collage itself. 

· Memorabilia - In the case we will display Boerne memorabilia and any keep sake related to Tyler. We have his letter jacket courtesy of his mother, but we will need other items to display in the case—any thing you’ve got will be considered! 

· Stories - When you hear the character traits associated with SOAR, what stories about Tyler come to mind? Please share them with us either on this Facebook page or to our email address You can also scan and send photos to that email address.

· Last but not least, spread the word! Our class of 2004 is spread across the country, and we would like for everyone to have a chance to contribute to Tyler’s memory.

Please, we need YOUR help to honor our friend! We look forward to collaborating with all of you to make this project a success!

Thank you!

Sarah (Schilhab) Wilburn and Mike King